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    Lot 649
    Estimate: $500

    Collection of QV issues with 1862 6d U (2), 1863-67 Wmk Crown CC Rough Perf 1d M (6) and U (7), 6d U (4), later 1d M (16, incl block of 8) and 6d M (4) and U (7), 1879 2d M, 4d M and U (4), 1882 d M and U (2), 2d M (2, one no gum) and U (3), 4d U (3), 1884-87 2d M (4) and U, 4d M (5) and U, 1/- M and U. Few minor faults but generally fine and high cat value (41M and 52U)


    Lot 650
    Estimate: $300

    1884-87 Watermark Crown CA Perf 14 4d Chestnut variety 'Top Left Triangle Detached', large part OG and fine. SG No. 28a, cat 350


    Lot 651
    Estimate: $300

    1903 d - 2/6d Arms Definitives and 5/- KEVII, fine mint with large part OG, fresh colours. SG 31-40, cat 325 (10)


    Lot 652
    Estimate: $350

    1908-1970 mostly mint collection on leaves and hagners, including 1921-29 definitives to 4/- (2/6d with plate no.), 1932 Tercentanry to 1/-, 1938 definitives to 1, then virtually complete up to 1970 (plus some later miniature sheets), including 1954 set both M and U, a few imprint/plate no. pieces throughout, also a range of first day covers 1949-1968. (283M, 93U + 13 FDCs)


    Lot 653
    Estimate: $200

    1908-17 Wmk Multiple Crown CA Arms Definitives d to 2/6d, 1913 5/- KGV, mint with large part OG, 1916-18 d (red and black opts) and 1d War Tax M, U and mint blocks of 4. SG Nos. 41-54, cat 250 (29)


    Lot 654
    Estimate: $400

    1921-29 KGV Definitives Wmk Multiple Crown CA 3d to 1, and Wmk Multiple Script CA d to 4/- including all colour changes, mint with large part OG, 4/- with tone spot otherwise fine. SG Nos. 55-80, cat 500 (27)


    Lot 655
    Estimate: $250

    1932 Tercentenary set d to 5/-, fine mint with large part OG. SG Nos. 81-90, cat 225


    Lot 656
    Estimate: $240

    1932 Tercentenary d to 5/- punctured 'SPECIMEN', generally fine and lightly hinged. SG 81-90s, cat 250 (10)


    Lot 657
    Estimate: $90

    1937 Coronation of King George VI 1d, 1d and 2d punctured 'SPECIMEN', lightly hinged and with light toning on reverse. SG 95-97s, cat 100 (3)


    Lot 658
    Estimate: $150

    Postal Stationery: Small unused collection with Postcards QV 1d Carmine and 1d Brown (2, one opt SPECIMEN), 1d + 1d Carmine, 1d + 1d Red-brown reply cards; 1903 Arms type d Green, 1d and 1d + 1d Carmine Postcards, d Green and 1d Carmine Wrappers, 1d Carmine, 2d Ultramarine Envelopes all opt SPECIMEN, plus d Postcard U, and QEII 6c Blue Registration Envelope (2 sizes) M. Fine condition (16)


    Lot 659
    Estimate: $150

    1841 (20 Oct), 1843 (22 Mar) and 1845 (2 Jun) entires to England rated '1/-' for the Royal Mail Packet service, and each with a fair to good 'ANTIGUA' double arc ds on reverse, fine other than for small blemishes (3)


    Lot 660
    Estimate: $600

    British Stamps Used in Antigua: 1858 2d Blue Plate 9 cancelled by a fine strike of the upright oval 'A02' obliterator, which was in use 1880-85. This stamp was either accepted for postage, or was on an incoming letter and cancelled on arrival. SG catalogues this stamp with the horizontal A02 obliterator in use 1858-60 at 1000


    Lot 661
    Estimate: $300

    1891-1970s accumulation of covers, earliest being 1891 (24 Nov) to Pennsylvania with Leeward Is d and 1d (2) cancelled Antigua cds, small groups of KGV and KGVI covers, then a wide range of QEII covers, mostly to an address in Australia (many rates represented), noted 1964 OAT cover, destinations include Kenya, U.S.A., Canada. Also a range of loose adhesives and pieces with various Antigua cancellations, including Perkins Bacon 1d (2) and 6d cancelled A18 obliterator (English Harbour). (31 stamps and 53 covers)


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