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    Lot 721
    Estimate: $80

    1953 50th Death Anniversary of Gaugin 14f MUH and fine used. SG 213, cat 120 (2)


    Lot 722
    Estimate: $250

    Morocco: Group of air mail covers, all but three addressed to the same person in Bar-le-duc, France, with 1922 covers with 50c frankings (6), three with adhesives uncancelled but with Morocco despatch datestamps on reverse (one with multicoloured 'PAR AVION' pictorial label, and another with double circle 'REGIMENT DE TIRAILLEURS ALGERIENS/COMPAGNIE' Commandant's cachet in violet), 1930-31 covers with 75c pair or single 1f50c frankings, 1930 surface mail PPC to same address, plus 1930 cover to a different addressee at 1f50c rate, and a 1926 window envelope front with 1f40c franking. Some faults but an interesting group (16 covers)


    Lot 723
    Estimate: $500

    Tunisia: 1923-49 air mail covers, the earliest 1923 to Liverpool franked 30c strip of 3 for carriage on the Paris-London air mail (address partly erased), 1930 to France franked 50c underpaid for air mail, 1931 to Malta and Sweden, 1931 registered to Budapest, 1934 to USA and Berlin, 1936 to Aden, 1937 to Copenhagen, 1941-44 mostly to France, but also Martinique and Canada, some with various censor marks and tapes, 1944 to New York censored and with oval 'O.A.T.' in magenta. A fine group showing many different rates and combinations of adhesives, some with instructional markings. A few with faults, but condition generally good (27 covers)


    Lot 724
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    French West Africa: Range of commercial mail, mostly to France, but other destinations noted are Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Kenya, Brazil and Denmark, and including censored, registered and air mail. The group comprises mail from Senegal (14, 1930-41), Niger (4, 1934-42), Tchad (2, 1937) Dahomey (2, 1941-42), Ivory Coast (1935), Upper Volta (2, 1925-29) and French West Africa (8, 1947-63). Some faults, but a useful lot (33 covers)


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