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Sale No. 65

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    The 2005 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 29
    Estimate: $8,000 Realised Price : $6,000

    1914-15 'G.R.I. 2d' 6mm overprint on 20pf Ultramarine, variety 'Surcharge double, one "G.R.I." albino, SG 4e, guarantee handstamps. 1968 BPA Certificate


    Lot 30
    Estimate: $10,000

    1914-15 'G.R.I. 5/-' 6mm overprint on 5M Carmine and Black, SG 15, guarantee handstamp of Killian. 1974 RPSL Certificate


    Lot 31
    Estimate: $7,000

    1914-15 'G.R.I. 8d' 5mm overprint on 80pf Black and Carmine/Rose, variety 'Surcharge double', from setting VI [position 5], SG 26e, Michel 11DD. 1991 BPA Certificate


    Lot 32
    Estimate: $3,500 Realised Price : $2,700

    1915 'G.R.I./3d' on Kieta Registration label, vertical pair, lower unit with variety 'No bracket before Deutsch', SG 38,a, Michel 16e variety, Hoffman-Giesecke guarantee handstamp on reverse. A fine example of this rarity


    Lot 33
    Estimate: $7,000

    1915 'G.R.I./3d' on Kieta Registration label, block of eight (4x2) from setting B, two units with variety 'No stop after 3d' SG 38,e, Michel 16e variety. A rare multiple


    Lot 34
    Estimate: $6,000T Realised Price : $10,000

    1915 'G.R.I. 3d' on Stephansort Registration label, SG 40, block of four from setting G, positions [1-2/6-7] with position [7] showing early state of 'stop after 3d' breaking up, neatly cancelled at Stephansort. One of two recorded blocks of four, 1967 PF Certificate. 2005 RPSL Certificate states 'the Committee does not believe these are regularly issued and they are obliterated par complaisance'; also 'large black mark has been partially cleaned since last seen'


    Lot 35
    Estimate: $4,000

    1914-15 'G.R.I. 1d' 5mm overprint on Marshall Islands 5pf Green, Setting II [position 9] variety 'Surcharge double, SG 51f, Michel 21DD, very fresh unmounted mint. Very few known. 1976 BPA Certificate


    Lot 36
    Estimate: $50,000 Realised Price : $38,000

    1914-15 'G.R.I. 2s' (2/-) 3-4mm overprint on Marshall Islands 2M Blue, vertical strip of three, with varieties top unit 'G.R.I.' double and centre unit '2s' double, (lower unit normal), SG 60, 60e, Michel 11DD. Fresh and outstanding centring for this combination strip. 'DF' (David Field) guarantee handstamp, 1989 Holcombe and 2005 RPSL Certificates

    Unquestionably one of the gems of New Guinea philately. Ex Bute, Kamina


    Lot 37
    Estimate: $2,000 Realised Price : $2,400

    c.1935 Bullion Tag label bearing 5 Emerald-Green singles (6), 2, 1939 1, plus 1d and 2d tied by indistinct Wau datestamps. Some soiling and staining (to be expected), nevertheless an amazing franking and the highest we have seen from New Guinea


    Lot 38
    Estimate: $1,000T Realised Price : $750

    1914 German postcard ('ANSICHT VON HERBERTSHOH' - a little trimmed at top) used to Australia, with personal message on reverse from son of addressee, endorsed 'Garrison Duty/Rabaul' and initialled at left, bearing Kangaroo 1d punctured 'OS' tied by two strikes of 'RABAUL/NOV 8 1914' handstamp and Sydney arrival (20 Nov 1914) machine datestamp


    Lot 39
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $1,600

    1931 (17 Mar) commercial use of Official cover (O.H.M.S. scored-over - central crease) to Brisbane, with mss. '2d Postage Paid/K Whiteman/P.M.' at upper right, over which the Manus datestamp is superimposed, with another strike below


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