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    Online General Sale No. 63

    Bidding closes at 5pm AEDT on Friday 10th November 2017 


    All amounts are in Australian dollars.

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    Lot 551
    **/* ]
    Estimate: $300Starting Price: $230

    Collection on hagners, smattering on earlier stamps, then 1935 to 1986 largely complete on a simplified basis (no pre-decimal postal fiscals and few Officials), and including 1935 Pictorial set, 1953-58, 1960-66, 1967-70 definitive sets (incl $4-$10 postal fiscals), few Ross Dependency and Life Insurance, etc. Up to 1960 mixed */**, thereafter superb MUH. Also 1973, 1975 1976 (x 2), 1977, 1978 (x 2), 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983 collector's sets and a few PO Packs and booklets (600 stamps, 10 M/S, plus collector's sets and packs)

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    Lot 552
    ** ]
    Estimate: $80Starting Price: $60

    1944 10d on 1d Surcharge, 1949 Health 1d + d and 2d + 1d, 1950 Health 1d + d and 2d + 1d, 1951 Health 1d + d and 2d + 1d, each in a complete sheet of 120, a few peripheral faults and all sheets with some units affected by toning (840)

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    Lot 553
    O ]
    Estimate: $100Starting Price: $75

    1878 Watermark NZ and Star Perf 12 x 11 Sidefaces 5/- Grey, somewhat heavily cancelled. SG 186, cat 30

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    Lot 554
    P ]
    Estimate: $80Starting Price: $60

    1882-1900 Bock and Cousins Progressive Die Proof 'pull' of 5d head with uncleared surrounds on thick wove paper

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    Lot 555
    ** ]
    Estimate: $70Starting Price: $55

    1929 Anti-Tuberculosis Fund 1d + 1d Scarlet block of 4, and 1934 Health 1d + 1d Carmine blocks of 4 in two shades, very fine MUH (12)

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    Lot 556
    * ]
    Estimate: $120Starting Price: $90

    1931 Health 'Smiling Boys' 1d +1d Scarlet and 2d + 1d blue, large part OG and lightly hinged, fine (2)

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    Lot 557
    ** ]
    Estimate: $190Starting Price: $145

    1958 2d on 1d Brown-lake Surcharge error on 'Stars' issue, superb MUH. SG 763b, cat 130

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    Lot 558
    ** ]
    Estimate: $90Starting Price: $70

    1985 Christmas 18c and 50c 'CRISTMAS' spelling errors superb MUH (2)

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    Lot 559
    C ]
    Estimate: $40Starting Price: $30

    Franks: 1950-51 envelopes (6) to the same addressee in Wellington, each bearing franks of various government departments, with High Commissioner for N.Z., Minister of Health (2, in green, one with tone spots), Minister of Finance, and General Assembly (2). Some minor faults caused by opening of envelopes, otherwise good (6 covers)

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    Lot 560
    CTO ]
    Estimate: $200Starting Price: $150

    Victoria Land: 1911-13 1d Carmine block of 4 with central 'BRIT ANTARCTIC EXPD' cds divided into four singles, two with large part OG (one with horizontal crease), other two small part OG. SG A3, cat 480

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