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    General Sale No. 56

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    Lot 739
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $260

    c1938-1990 extensive and duplicated mainly unmounted mint accumulation in stockbooks (2) and on hagners plus used selection in a tin. Noted various 1938-51 KGVI plate number blocks and QEII 1953-59 and 1955-59 series also in plate blocks e.g 1959 8d chestnut block of four number '21' (CP Cat $NZ110). The overall majority in blocks and fine. (hundreds)


    Lot 740
    Estimate: $2,500 Realised Price : $2,000

    Full Face Chalon used collection comprising; 1855-57 Blue Paper 1d, 2d & 1/-, 1857-63 No Wmk 2d (8, inc a strip of three), 6d (6) & 1/- (2, different shades), 1862-63 Wmk Large Star ''Davies'' Printing Imperfs used selection comprising 1d (7, variable margins, two thinned and one stained), 2d Blue (shades) (15, variable margins, one stained and a couple with mss cancels), showing varying stages of plate wear, 6d Brown (shades) (9, variable margins, two with full margins and most lightly cancelled), 1/- Green (shades) (4, variable margins), Rouletted 7; 2d (3), 3d & 6d (2) all with varying degrees of roulettes, Perf 13 at Dunedin; 2d (3 inc a pair, with flaw in left unit), 3d with re-entries on and below sash, 6d (4) & 1/- (3), 1862-63 6d Pelure Paper, no wmk, imperf, variable margins, 1864 Wmk NZ Imperfs; 1d (3), 2d, 6d & 1/- with variable margins, Perf 12; 2d (2) & 6d (3, incl a pair) and Perf 13; 2d pair & 1/-, 1864-67 Wmk Large Star Perf 12; 1d (9, 4 unused), 2d (12, one unused), 3d (8 incl a pair), 6d (11, incl a pair) & 1/- (5) and 1871 Perf 10 1d, Perf 10 x 12 1d (3, incl a pair) & 2d (2). Mixed condition though still a useful group with a very high cat value (139)


    Lot 741
    Estimate: $250

    1986 30c Conductor & Orchestra marginal pair, variety ''completely imperforate'' unmounted. SG 1407a Cat 275


    Lot 742
    Estimate: $7,000

    Officials: 1963 QEII 2d and 3/- Coloured Proofs on Bradbury Wilkinson cards, the first showing each value in three colours each lettered 'A' to 'F' dated 24.4.62 and endorsed 'Approved for Engraving - letter 28/8/62, see "as sub" 27.4.62 for colours required', the second lettered 'G' and 'H' with manuscript 'Colour as "E" and 'Colour as "G"' respectively and 'Approved for Engraving letter 28-6-62'. (2 cards and 8 proofs)


    Lot 743
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    1858 (25 Mar) cover Edinburgh to Auckland via London with cds for all three on face additionally rated '6'(d) pre-paid ship letter rate. Carried on the 'Teviot' from Southampton to Alexandria, 'Emeu' from Suez to Sydney and 'Gertrude' from there to destination plus 1868 (21 Dec) cover Christchurch to England franked 6d Chalon (defective at top left) carried on the 'Otago', 'Avoca', 'Candia' and 'Bangalore'. Mild discolouration and flap faults on each though an interesting pair (2)


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