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    Online General Sale No. 63

    Bidding closes at 5pm AEDT on Friday 10th November 2017 


    All amounts are in Australian dollars.

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    Lot 561
    **/*/O ]
    Estimate: $180Starting Price: $135

    1890s to 1960s accumulation of largely mint stock, mostly in envelopes, earlier issues include 1896 'FRANQUEO/OFICIAL' 1c, 2c, 1p, 1937 1c Obligatory Tax, 1937 Day of the Race 4c Imperf sheets of 4 CTO (6), 1938 Postal Administration Anniversary 'Inland' sheetlets of 4 (47), quantities of 1947 Triangular values, 1962 Orchids, and a number of other issues, quantities varying from 10 to more than 50. Some toning to some earlier issues, and a few earlier stamps are stuck together, but largely fine (approx 2000 stamps)

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    Lot 562
    ** ]
    Estimate: $80Starting Price: $60

    1938-62 duplicated accumulation of miniature sheets, comprising 1938 75th Anniv of Postal Administration inland and foreign sheetlets of 4 (both perf and imperf); 1949 Stadium Construction Fund (2); 1949 UPU Official Air set of 6; 1955 Rotary Air (2); 1957 Baden Powell Postage (7) and Air (5); 1958 UNESCO Air; 1959 Brussels International Exhibition; 1959 Cardinal Spellman Postage perf and imperf (3), and Air perf (3) and imperf (4); 1960 Abraham Lincoln Postage (5) and Air (3); 1962 Stamp Centenary (25). Some with tone spots or bends, but generally good to fine (75)

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    Lot 563
    R ]
    Estimate: $60Starting Price: $46

    1931 G.P.O. Reconstruction Fund 15c (39), 20c, 25c, 1cor sheets of 10, and 50c block of 8 fraudulent reprints on thin hard paper, no gum, very fine (428)

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    Lot 564
    R ]
    Estimate: $80Starting Price: $60

    1932 Opening of Rivas Railway 'Postage' series with 1c, 2c (2), 10c, 15c sheets of 4 and extra 2c, 5c (4), 10c and 15c (2), also 15c (7) and 20c 'Air' (7, six 'cancelled'); and 1932 Opening of Leon-Sauce Railway 'Postage' series 1c (4), 2c (4), 5c (4), 10c (5), 15c (5) and 'Air' series 25c (2), 50c and 1cor sheets of 4, plus few extras. All the fraudulent reprints on thin hard paper (152)

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    Lot 565
    (*) ]
    Estimate: $360Starting Price: $270

    1933 441st Anniversary of Departure of Columbus from Palos, quantities of complete sheets of 10 no gum as issued, comprising Ordinary c (5), 1c (61), 2c (12), 3c (37), 4c (154), 5c (8), 10c (11), 15c (11), 20c (15), 25c (15) and Air Mail 5c (2), 8c (216) and 15c (99). Some faults and separation of roulettes, but generally very fine. Also an accumulation of smaller multiples. SG 753-762, cat 840+

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    Lot 566
    MS** ]
    Estimate: $450Starting Price: $340

    1949 10th World Amateur Baseball Championships 1c to 2cor Air Mail series set of miniature sheets, each with a perforated block of 4, nine complete sets of 13 sheets. Few with small tone spots or bends but generally very fine. SG MS1145a, cat 1800

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