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    Lot 804
    Estimate: $400

    1906 (6 Feb) Cape of Good Hope d KEVII postcard cancelled Observatory Road cds, addressed to Rev Barrow at Cape Town. Rev and Mrs M Barrow were representatives of the United Society for Propagation of the Gospel to Tristan, and arrived on the island on the 'Surrey' on 8 April 1906, and the postcard deals with their embarkation. Vertical crease, but a fine and rare early Tristan-related item


    Lot 805
    Estimate: $4,000

    Envelope addressed to Mrs Gertrude Anderson at Woldingham, Surrey, bearing faint but legible strike of the Type I cachet. The cover bears no receipt datestamp but was from Agnes Glass, and can be dated to 26 November 1916, when Agnes wrote a letter to Mrs Anderson thanking her for a parcel she had sent to the island, and giving further personal details about herself and the island. Gertrude Anderson published this letter in 'The Times' on 1 January 1918 (copy enclosed with lot). The cover was carried on the Norwegian ship 'Trio' which called at Tristan on 11 December 1917. Also a further letter written by Gertude Anderson to J. Faulkner, apparently in response to 'The Times' letter, relating to a philatelic enquiry about Tristan. Other than some tears in the back flap, the cover is fine, and a rare example of the Type I cachet. SG C1, cat 4000


    Lot 806
    Estimate: $220

    c1922 philatelic cover to Victor Marsh in Paris with France 10c tied by superb strike of Type III cachet. Some tone spots, otherwise very fine. SG C3, cat 300


    Lot 807
    Estimate: $250

    c1922 cover addressed to The Foreign Editor at 'The Daily Mail' in London, bearing two overinked strikes of the Type III cachet in grey-black, very fine and scarce commercial use. SG C3, cat 300


    Lot 808
    Estimate: $180

    1923 (3 May) cover from Mrs Annie Swain with enclosed letter to Mrs Spottiswoode in Kent (redirected to Yorkshire), with Type III cachet (damaged due to portion of cover at top right missing), and a fine (somewhat over-inked) strike of the cachet at the top of the enclosed letter, Tonbridge arrival cds, no postage charged. Cover wear at top. SG C3, cat 300


    Lot 809
    Estimate: $350

    1923 (15 June) cover with enclosed letter from Mrs Annie Swain to Mrs Balfour at Drogheda, Ireland, with good strike of Type II cachet in purple, and with overlapping 'CAPE TOWN/PAQUEBOT' cds 19SEP23, no evidence of any postage being charged. Carried by the British steamer 'Norbrook' which called at Tristan on 11 September 1923. Some minor creases of envelope at left, otherwise fine. SG C2, cat 425


    Lot 810
    Estimate: $800

    c1928 cover to Gospur, England, with GB 1881 1d and 10d KGV tied by two strikes of the Type IV cachet in purple, with a further very fine strike alongside. Hole in black flap, otherwise very fine. SG C4, cat 850


    Lot 811
    Estimate: $4,250

    c1928 unaddressed envelope with two proof strikes of the Type IVa cachet in red at top right (one very fine), plus a further proof strike of the Type Va cachet in violet (inner circle complete, 'C' and 'N' damaged, superb). The cover is badly spotted, but a remarkable combination of the two rarest cachet types, SG cat for Type IVa is 5500 and for Type Va is 6500 on mail


    Lot 812
    Estimate: $250

    1929 (15 Mar) cover with enclosed letters from Mrs W. Rogers (15 Mar) and Mrs May Glass (20 Mar) to Mrs Underwood in London, with fair strike of Type II cachet in black, 'LONDON F.S./PAQUEBOT' arrival cds, and charged 1d, d and 1d dues affixed. Carried on the 'Duchess of Athol' which called at Tristan on 29 April 1929. Cover with a number of small surface marks, but of good appearance. SG C2, cat 425


    Lot 813
    Estimate: $120

    1932 (Jan) PPC ('The Settlement of Tristan da Cunha') addressed to The Bishop, St. Helena, with Type V cachet in blue, 'T1d' in blue pencil, hexagonal 'T/10c', St Helena arrival cds JA 24 32. The Bishop visited Tristan on HMS 'Carlisle' on 7 January 1932. Minor toning, otherwise fine


    Lot 814
    Estimate: $100

    1934 mail carried from Tristan on the sailing ship 'Ponape', with cover to Liverpool with faint Type V cachet in blue, hexagonal 'T/CENTIMES' with '45c' inserted in mss, endorsed on reverse as received on 22.10.1934 (some creasing and rust marks), and post card to Cape Town with fine Type V cachet in blue, Singapore backstamp (24 SE 1934), hexagonal 'T/CENTIMES' with mss '20' inserted, Cape Town arrival backstamp (17 Nov 34) with h/s '2d' and South Africa 2d postage due affixed, fine (2)


    Lot 815
    Estimate: $200

    1936 cover to Surrey, England, with Type V cachet in blue (fine strike) overstruck by straight-line 'Tristan da Cunha' in black, applied at Durban for a short time, charged 1d postage on arrival and with GB d and 1d postage dues affixed. Very fine and scarce


    Lot 816
    Estimate: $60

    1936 (Jan) philatelic covers (2), the first to London with South Africa d pair cancelled by superb strike of Type V cachet in violet, London arrival cds of 12 JA 36; the second to J. Harvey Pirie at Johannesburg with South Africa 1d cancelled Type V cachet in blue, oval 'T/1d' crossed through and endorsed 'Surcharge cancelled'. Both very fine and carried from Tristan by SS 'Auditor' (2)


    Lot 817
    Estimate: $60

    1936 (24 Jan) cover with enclosed letter from Arthur Rogers to Mary Jose in Kent, fine strike of Type V cachet in blue, no postage charged. Roughly opened on reverse, otherwise very fine


    Lot 818
    Estimate: $200

    1937 (Mar) Visit of H.M.S. 'Carlisle' large souvenir envelope addressed to Wales with superb strike of Type V cachet in violet, 'LONDON/PAQUEBOT' arrival cds (30 MR 37)and charged 1d, with d and 1d postage dues affixed. Very fine and attractive


    Lot 819
    Estimate: $120

    1937 (12 May) Coronation Day cover to Cape Town with superb Type VI cachet in black, and with 'CERTIFIED POSTED ON THE/ISLAND ON CORONATION DAY/12th MAY 1937,/_____________ HEADMAN' and signed by William Repetto, h/s '1D' due, and with South African 1d postage due affixed cancelled Cape Town cds. Carried by the SS 'Anatolia' which visited Tristan on 7 December 1937. Very fine


    Lot 820
    Estimate: $80

    1937 (May) 'Wilson' printed Coronation cover (unsealed) with two superb strikes of the Type V cachet in blackish violet. Carried on SS 'Anatolia' which visited Tristan on 7 December 1937, very fine


    Lot 821
    Estimate: $120

    1938 philatelic covers carried from Tristan on the Finnish training barque 'Soumen Joutsen' on 2 February 1938, with GB 1d KEVIII to London, and 1d KGV and d KEVIII to Cape Town, each cancelled Type V cachet in violet, and GB d, 1d, 1d and 2d KEVIII to Sussex cancelled Type V in violet plus a strike of Type VI in black, all also with 'K/L SUOMEN/JOUTSEN' cachet ds in violet on reverse (3)


    Lot 822
    Estimate: $75

    1938 (Mar) covers carried from Tristan by HMS 'Milford' on 28 March 1938, with cover to Cape town with Type VI cachet in violet (two strikes), South Africa 1d postage due affixed, cover with some creases and some rust spots; and cover to Mrs Dent at Devon with very fine Type VI cachet in bluish black, charged 1d but no postage dues affixed, fine (2)


    Lot 823
    Estimate: $75

    1939 (26 Feb) cover with letter enclosed from Clement Glass to Miss Moll Jose in Kent, England, with superb Type VII cachet in bluish black, charged 1d postage and with d and 1d postage dues affixed, some flap damage, otherwise fine


    Lot 824
    Estimate: $80

    1963-70s selection of covers, mostly philatelic, from 1963 Resettlement, paquebot souvenir covers, plus a few commercial items from the 1960s (16)


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