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Sale No. 65

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    Linfield Victoria

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    Lot 187
    Estimate: $750T Realised Price : $575

    Annotated collection with 1873-74 9d used (3) + single on cover Lismore to UK, 1873-87 d (18, 3 mint), 1d (5, one mint) + pair on cover to NZ (no flap, tape over small fault), 2d mint (2) + three on cover to Scotland or Ireland, 1/- mint, 2/- unused (2, small thins) and mint, 1884 cover Daylesford to Switzerland bearing 1d (3) + Laureated 6d, disinfection slits, also few Naish 2d (75 + 6 covers)


    Lot 188
    Estimate: $350T

    1873-74 9d Pale Brown/pink Perf 13 rare strip of 3 paying triple rate and Laureate 6d paying Late Fee on 1874 (19 May) long envelope (slight faults) Melbourne to UK. Covers are very scarce


    Lot 189
    Estimate: $250T

    1873-74 9d Pale Brown/pink Perf 13, few blunt perfs, on 1874 (16 Jun) envelope Melbourne to UK


    Lot 190
    Estimate: $450T

    1873-74 9d Pale Brown/pink Perf 12 marginal single, SG 173, on 1873 (7 Nov) mourning envelope (minor tone) to Ireland, very scarce on cover


    Lot 191
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $170

    1873-87 1/- Deep Blue/blue Perf 12, SG 186, solo franking tied by Melbourne duplex to 1882 (21 Dec) envelope (no flap) to Glasgow 'via Brindisi'


    Lot 192
    Estimate: $250T

    1876 8d on 9d Lilac-Brown/pink, SG 191, on 1876 (11 Jul) mourning envelope (slight toning) to UK via Brindisi, showing manuscript 'Missent to' in conjunction with 'DUFFIELD' cds, early use, Kellow notes 'covers are ... of considerable rarity'


    Lot 193
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $850

    1876 8d on 9d Lilac-Brown/pink single and pair on 1876 (8 Aug) cover Melbourne to London via Brindisi, re-addressed on arrival with d and 1d tied by London duplex, slight toning, Kellow states 'covers are ... of considerable rarity'


    Lot 194
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $300

    1878 Emergency printings on coloured papers: d on pink unused and used, 1d on yellow (2) and on drab used, 2d on green mint (marginal) and used (2), on brown mint (marginal, tiny thins) and used, fine, SG 195-200 group. Cat 569 (10)


    Lot 195
    Estimate: $350T Realised Price : $270

    2d Dull Violet-Mauve/green, SG 199, on 1878 (8 Apr) cover used Geelong to N.Z., backstamps of Melbourne and Napier. Rare on cover


    Lot 196
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $230

    2d Dull Violet-Mauve/brown, SG 200, on 1878 (23 Apr) cover used Melbourne to Geelong, arrival backstamp, flap faults. Rare on cover


    Lot 197
    Estimate: $400T

    1874-80 covers including 1873-74 9d (very scarce, short corner perf) used with Laureate 6d (paying Late Fee) on 1874 (Jan) to UK; 8d on 9d on 1876 to UK (Kellow notes 'covers are ... of considerable rarity'); 1/- Deep Blue/blue + Laureate 4d on 1879 to UK (3)


    Lot 198
    Estimate: $120T Realised Price : $90

    1874-80 covers with 1874 Wahgunyah to UK bearing 2d (2, one missing corner) and Laureate 6d, 1876 Moroopna to UK with 2d (4) + 1d green; and 3 covers with single 2d (5)


    Lot 199
    Estimate: $500T

    1875 (25 Mar) cover Melbourne to Scotland endorsed 'via 'Brindisi'' bearing Laureate 6d Prussian Blue (SG 136k) and 9d Red-Brown/pink pair on Saunders paper (SG 172a), Carlisle sorting backstamp. Fine example of double rate 9d per oz rate + 6d Late Fee, the 9d in multiples being rare on cover


    Lot 200
    Estimate: $300T

    1876-77 covers bearing 1873-87 d Rose-Red pair on 1876 Geelong council envelope paying printed matter rate; d Lilac-Rose block of 4 tied by '673' to 1877 cover (small fault) to Melbourne, Cowarr cds alongside (2)


    Lot 201
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $400

    1883 envelope (190 x 115mm, reinforced tear, tone spots) to Italy with remarkable franking of 2/- Deep Blue/green (Kellow 'covers are very rare'), 1/- and 1d plus Naish 2d


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