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Sale No. 68

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    The 2008 Rarities Sale

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    Lot 284
    Estimate: $750

    2d Blue punctured 'OS' block of four, very fresh unmounted and above average centring. Premium stamps


    Lot 285
    Estimate: $3,000 Realised Price : $2,300

    3d Olive Die I, 'T.S. HARRISON' Plate 2 imprint block of four, BW 13zi, odd bend, otherwise very fresh and scarce


    Lot 286
    Estimate: $1,500

    6d Blue Die II, variety 'Broken leg', BW 20d, SG 38da, in commercially used block of four. Possibly the only instance of this variety in a used block. Rare
    Note: This variety is incorrectly described as 'Bite out of kangaroo's left leg', BW 19f, in the printed catalogue.


    Lot 287
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $220

    6d Ultramarine Die II punctured 'OS', unmounted


    Lot 288
    Estimate: $10,000 Realised Price : $7,500

    6d Pale Ultramarine Die IIB, 'T.S. HARRISON' upper plate imprint block of four, BW 20z, lower units fresh unmounted. Rare


    Lot 289
    Estimate: $800

    2/- Brown, unmounted


    Lot 290
    Estimate: $1,750

    2/- Brown strip of three (upper unit damaged before affixing) tied by the very large double-oval 'PARCELS POST OFFICE/MELBOURNE' obliterator to entire canvas mailbag (front portion for exhibiting 320 x 180mm approx) from Mutual Stores Ltd to Scotland, arriving London 10 FEB 19, Parcel Post label affixed to reverse over which GB 'CHARGE' label has been placed and with Postage Due 2dx5 for Customs charges alongside, 10-11lb parcels rate to UK. Incredible survivor


    Lot 291
    Estimate: $700

    2/- Maroon block of four, variety 'Flaw on 'S' of AUSTRALIA' on lower left unit, BW 38j. Scarce in a mint block


    Lot 292
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    2/- Maroon and 1/6d Hermes (No Wmk) tied by Late Fee Melbourne cds to 1936 (1 Dec) airmail cover to Germany, paying scarce 3/5d -1oz airmail rate via Italy plus 1d Late fee. Late commercial use of Third Wmk 2/-


    Lot 293
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $190

    5/- Grey and Yellow, centred high


    Lot 294
    Estimate: $225

    10/- Grey and Deep Aniline Pink, commercially used Fingal (Tas) cds


    Lot 295
    Estimate: $2,750 Realised Price : $2,100

    10/- Grey and Pale Aniline Pink optd 'SPECIMEN' type C, BW 48xb, lightly hinged. Only twelve blocks of 30 formes (360) were overprinted. Fine and rare


    Lot 296
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $210

    10/- Grey and Deep Aniline Pink punctured 'OS', marginal example, grossly misplaced perforations (almost qualifies as error), CTO with gum


    Lot 297
    Estimate: $2,750 Realised Price : $2,100

    1 Chocolate and Dull Blue, variety 'Short Spencer's Gulf', Melbourne CTO (no gum), BW 52Aw(D)d. Cat AU$3000+


    Lot 298
    Estimate: $700 Realised Price : $700

    1 Light Brown and Pale Blue optd 'SPECIMEN' type B, lightly mounted and superbly centred. Premium stamp


    Lot 299
    Estimate: $300

    1 Chestnut and Blue, telegraph puncture


    Lot 300
    Estimate: $750

    1 Brown and Blue pair, telegraph punctures. Rare multiple


    Lot 301
    Estimate: $750

    1 Grey, CTO (no gum), fine


    Lot 302
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $160

    1 Grey optd 'SPECIMEN' type C, variety 'Shaved 'P , BW 53xe


    Lot 303
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    1 Grey optd 'SPECIMEN' type D, centred left. Cat AU$225


    Lot 304
    Estimate: $3,000T Realised Price : $3,000

    2 Black and Rose, well centred example, trace of thin at top, superb appearance


    Lot 305
    Estimate: $200

    2 Purple-Black and Rose optd 'SPECIMEN' type C, lightly mounted


    Lot 306
    Estimate: $7,500

    1929 London UPU Congress Presentation folder 'With the Compliments of the Postmaster-General' (minor cover blemish), together with adhesives CTO Melbourne 6d (Chestnut), 9d, 1/-, 5/- and 2, also 10/- and 1 (Grey) fine used


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